All Man Corp.

Many public-school teachers need supplies for their classrooms, supplies that school districts cannot afford to supply.  Since most students cannot afford to purchase such supplies, teachers pay for the supplies they need out of their own pockets.    As teachers are often poorly paid, many of them must choose between buying supplies for their classrooms—or for their own households.  Teachers and their classrooms need supplies on an ongoing basis, regardless of school projects and curriculum or the generosity of relatives and friends.   This is not another fund-raising campaign.  You and/or your company can directly supply a classroom with items that teachers would go without or pay for themselves:
 • paper. • crayons   • markers. • hand sanitizer.  • wipes. • snack  • folders.  • erasers   • composition notebooks  • reading books for the school library
 You can buy these items online and ship them directly to the classroom of your choice at the teacher’s request.  To purchase items, see our “We Need Supplies” page.